1. Diesel;    
2. Harbour fees; 
    embarking harbour, 
    disembarking harbour & a harbour will visit at the middle of cruise are free (3 harbour) 
3. Service on board; by crew 
4. Suppers; 
    a) breakfast; each;
       1 egg, butter, 2 kinds of jam, 
       honey, cheese, 2    cups of tea or coffee and a cup of milk, bread. 
    b) lunch (sandwich); 
       during    sailing it is very difficult to prepare, cook and serve. 
       So will be 3 kinds    of sandwiches for each guest ex: tuna fish salad sandwıch 
       and fruit chicken    salad sandwıch and fruit white cheese tomatoe sandwıch and fruit 
    c) dinner;    
       grilled fish & chips, salad, 
       fruit grilled chicken & chips, salad, fruit grilled    
       meat balls, rice, salad, fruit one for each dinner 
5. Transfers; 
    To / from the    boat will organise by captain, for free
6. Full insurance;
    Flying Carpet the hull, the crew, the passengers and third    
    parties are insuranced by (instıtude yatch clauses ıtem 11.)

    Insurance Company:
    Aksigorta A.Ş.   Policy no	: 70 75-N-714	 date July,7th 2000
                           	Tel	: +90 212 251 94 00
                           	Agent Fethiye : Ahmet ERTEN
                            	Tel	: +90 252 614 46 37
                           	Fax	: +90 252 614 71 44
1. Drinks;        
    a) There is a bar on boat, you can buy &drink cold or hot drinks. 
        The crew  will serve to you. 
        The price list; 
        Coffee, tea, 0,5 lt spring water  1,5  DM 
        Cola, fanta, juice, etc                   2,5 DM 
        Local drinks (4 cl)                           3 DM 
        Imported drinks  (4 cl)                    6 DM 
        Wines ( 70 cl)                           15-30 DM 
   b) You can bring your drinks to boat.        
        EXTRA 30$ each/week . The crew will serve to you. 
The  sailing wooden boat Flying Carpet was designed by URRU brothers on 1926.
Built true to plans at Black Sea by Captain Ímer TARMAN by traditional methods
using oak and chestnot lumber . She is capable of cruising under full sails. 
Each cabin has private shower and WC. 4 double cabains for up to 8+2 kids.
( There are two beds for kids in 2 cabins.) 3 cabins have french bed, one has 2 singles.

Every cabins have 2 pillovs, pilocases, 1 blanket, sheets, toilet paper and a soap on WC.
She has a dingy with outboard for emergency cases. A generator on board.

Guests need towels for - after swimming
  - shower with fresh water
  - Laying on the sun matresses (if you use suntanning oil or any protection creams)

%30  will be paid on reservation. Rest of bill will be paid on the begining of cruise. 
+ VAT ( With invoice)
DM, USD, TL, Sterling are  available

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